Kyle Bass Presentation at SIC 2013

Kyle Bass: AmerCatalyst 2012 – The Entanglement

Kyle Bass’ keynote presentation at AmerCatalyst 2012:

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Kyle Bass: This is the Most Difficult Time to Invest

Kyle Bass at Darden School of Business discussing the end of the debt supercycle, Yen devaluation, and the difficulty of the current investing cycle:

Betting on the Collapse

Since posting the Kyle Bass and Hugh Hendry interviews earlier this week, I have received several emails asking me how I would “play” the unraveling situation in China and Japan. The timing is unclear and the catalyst event often identified only in retrospect. Given this, the costs of shorting and the expense ratios (and tracking error) of inverse ETFs can cause the dreaded situation of thesis right but execution wrong.

So what’s the best way to gain the . . .

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Kyle Bass at AmeriCatalyst 2011

Here’s the ever-awesome Kyle Bass (of Hayman Capital Management) at AmeriCatalyst 2011. He discusses potential timing and magnitude of sovereign defaults. Read Bass’ annual letter here.

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