Urbana Corp: Buying $1.00 For $0.55 (URB, URB.A)

Urbana Corp (TSE:URB, URB.A) is the best value opportunity that I see in the markets today. I’ve written about it on this site on this site many times (and I maintain this spreadsheet for tracking NAV, share repurchases, etc), but recently I thought I’d write a longer summary and publish it for the folks over at Seeking Alpha. You can read the new article here.


Disclosure: Long URB, URB.A

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Urbana Corp Spreadsheet ($URB)

I have written about Urbana Corporation (TSE: URB, TSE:URB.A) several times. Below is an embedded copy of a spreadsheet that I maintain each week, tracking the changes in URB’s holdings. When the markets are open, the spreadsheet updates in real time. Please leave any comments below.

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Urbana Corp: Easily Valued & Massive Discount to NAV ($URB, $URB.A)

I have written about Urbana Corp (TSE: URB and TSE: URB.A) several times, and Saj Karsan wrote about it here. The short story is that this is an investment company with holdings comprised of stock exchanges and other financial companies. The bulk of the company’s assets (by value) are publicly traded, so therefore easily valued. Unlike many of the companies I feature on this site, an investor doesn’t need to question whether the inventory should be written down, or . . .

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Urbana Corp News: Insider Buying and Charts Galore (URB, URB.A)

Dean over at Petty Cash has produced some nice graphs showing Urbana Corp’s (URB) (URB.A) NAV versus price (for each share class) over time. Pretty interesting stuff, and worth a read for anyone that was interested in my write-up here, here or here.

Check out the charts here.

Also, on a side note, URB investment portfolio manager Tom Caldwell as purchased another million shares (at a premium to today’s price… just sayin’):

Thomas S. Caldwell (“TSC”) . . .

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Urbana Corp: Rock the Vote! (URB, URB.A)

Saj Karsan of BarelKarsan.com recently wrote about Urbana Corp (see his post here). I found his write-up compelling, so I decided to look deeper. I looked deeper, and agreed with Saj (hence disclosure below), but I noticed a strange phenomenon worth bringing up.

Urbana Corp’s capital structure currently includes two classes of shares:

10,000,000 “URB” Common Shares 69,600,000 ”URB.A” Non-Voting Class A Common Shares

The company explains the difference between these two classes of shares . . .

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