New Tool: Economic Indicators Dashboard

Last year I created the High Short Interest tool and the Sector Dashboard. Feedback was positive, so I’ve been thinking about new tools that investors might find useful.

A recurring theme on this site is that, given increasing correlations and volatility, value investors must include a layer of analysis that incorporates macroeconomic risk. Considering the broader economy is often more difficult than analyzing a single company, both as a result of the number of variables at play and the number of data sources. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of the key points were located in one place for easy tracking?

Now they are. Let me introduce my newest investment tool, the Economic Indicators Dashboard. I’ve created a Google Docs spreadsheet that grabs various economic data from Bloomberg and brings them into one location. 

View the Economic Indicators Dashboard here

What data would you like to see included? How could this tool be improved? This is a work in progress, so let me know!


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  • Andrew Czeizler

    frank, fantastic dashboard. I suppose beautiful simplicity is necessary hear.
    Truly extraordinary! I am actually building one of these my self with a few other indicators.
    My long term plan is to build a few in order to get reports from different economies.
    Kinda of trying to model capital flow.
    At the moment its really just a shot in the dark, but certainly worth a try!
    Will be contact with you in the near future via email.
    Hope your well.
    Kind Regards,
    A fan,

    • voisin

      Thanks Andrew. I’d love to take a look at yours once you have it ready. I am currently exploring some ways to present these data better than I have using javascript. Stay tuned!

      Frank Voisin