QOTD: Hungry Portfolio Manager Edition (SVU)

Today’s Quote of the Day comes from the article I posted earlier on Supervalu (SVU) (emphasis added):

“Certainly, Supervalu is something of a spicy meatball, with all of its recent operating problems, but the stock could really explode on the upside once its comps turn and analysts again begin to focus on some of the company’s strengths,” says John Wright, managing partner of Rollins Capital, a $100 million investment partnership.

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Supervalu poised for turnaround: Barron’s (SVU)

Barron’s presents the reasons Supervalu (SVU) presents a strong investment opportunity. I’ve been saying this for a few months now!

Now, however, Supervalu (ticker: SVU) may finally live up to its name. Obscured by those problems, the company, with annual sales of $38 billion, is starting to benefit markedly from a corporate refocusing, and some parts of Supervalu already are humming along nicely.

The scorn may be masking some developments that argue in favor of . . .

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Earnings Calls: Getting Hot in Here (GNK, MS)

Usually earnings calls are pretty bland, with a recitation of the figures that everyone is looking at already, followed by Q&A designed to help fill out the analyst’s model (gotta get next Q’s estimates down to 4 decimal places!). The utility of these calls for value investors is often low, as analysts like to focus on the ultra short-term (see Saj’s post here). Even if not strictly useful, sometimes they can be entertaining. Today I came across this heated . . .

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Urbana Corp: Rock the Vote! (URB, URB.A)

Saj Karsan of BarelKarsan.com recently wrote about Urbana Corp (see his post here). I found his write-up compelling, so I decided to look deeper. I looked deeper, and agreed with Saj (hence disclosure below), but I noticed a strange phenomenon worth bringing up.

Urbana Corp’s capital structure currently includes two classes of shares:

10,000,000 “URB” Common Shares 69,600,000 “URB.A” Non-Voting Class A Common Shares

The company explains the difference between these two classes of shares . . .

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MakeMusic, Inc: Can This Performance Last? (MMUS)

MakeMusic, Inc. (NASDAQ:MMUS) develops and markets software for use in composing and learning music. The company has essentially zero debt and trades for a P/E ex-Cash of just 4.9x. Furthermore, in November, the company announced a $10 million stock repurchase plan (Not bad for a company that has a market cap of just over $25 million!) that expires in November 2012. Some other positives are due to the share ownership: management as a group owns 34.6%, . . .

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