Kyle Bass: Betting on a Collapse

Kyle Bass was on BNN discussing his thesis for sovereign defaults. To watch the clip, click the picture below (BNN does not support third party embedding).

Kyle Bass BNN

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  • frank

    Fixed now. Sorry about that!

  • Duncan

    Great find thanks Frank!

    This and Gundlach – you are spoiling us today :)

    check out my blog if you get the chance, you might like some of the content.

    • frank

      Hi Duncan

      I usually tweet investing links that I’ve found useful (e.g. the Bass video or the Gundlach presentation), but I think I will start posting them to the site as well for those that don’t follow my twitter feed.

      Re. your site: I have added it to my RSS reader and I’ll take a look. Thanks for sharing

      Happy Holidays,

  • don

    the unwashed still scared…..the wall of worry remains intact…..only those older than 60 can laff at the unwashed over educated sheeple that look down whilst the markets continue their surge north to ever higher heights……those over sixty who remain scared and bearish are and allways will be losers……its those youngster 40 and under who have been taught things in college that makes them the losers they are……watch the sky