Urbana Corp: Easily Valued & Massive Discount to NAV ($URB, $URB.A)

I have written about Urbana Corp (TSE: URB and TSE: URB.A) several times, and Saj Karsan wrote about it here. The short story is that this is an investment company with holdings comprised of stock exchanges and other financial companies. The bulk of the company’s assets (by value) are publicly traded, so therefore easily valued. Unlike many of the companies I feature on this site, an investor doesn’t need to question whether the inventory should be written down, or whether receivables will be collectible. Other than a potentially overvalued future tax asset (management will need some capital gains in order to utilize this!), the assets are transparent and mostly liquid, making the investor’s job somewhat easier. The manager publishes the company’s NAV weekly, but I’ve created a Google Spreadsheet that updates the values of the publicly traded stocks (including the currency fluctuations) in real time.

You can see the spreadsheet here.

Also, the company continues to repurchase Class A Non-Voting shares, which over time should close the massive gap between NAV and the current share price.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving the spreadsheet.

Author Disclosure: Long URB, URB.A

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    hi frank-  here’s kind of an elementary question.  i’ve never bought stocks on the tse before.   do you know what the tax implications (upon sale) are for us citizens buying & then selling canadian stocks.  thanks in advance.