Value Linkfest

This week’s round up of value investing links from around the web.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett’s Letter to Uncle Sam (NYTimes via CNBC)

President Obama awards Warren Buffett the Presidential Medal of Freedom (MarketWatch)

Interview with BYD’s Chairman (CNBC via Reflections on Value Investing)

Todd Combs to Manage $2-3 Billion of Berkshire’s Portfolio (CNBC)

Welcome to Omaha, Todd Combs (Fortune)


Giants of Investing Open Letter to Ben Bernanke (WSJ)

Company Specific

Advant-E Corp (ADVC.OB) (Value Uncovered)

Access Plans Inc (APNC.OB) – Unlocking Significant Shareholder Value (Value Uncovered)

Enersys Inc (ENS) (Wax Ink)